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On Joining Research Solutions

Mon Nov 27 2023

We’re excited to enter a new phase of our journey at scite by coming together with Research Solutions. The motivation behind this decision was our desire to further our mission of introducing the next generation of citations and better serve our users, publishers, and the scholarly ecosystem for the long term.

The idea behind scite was first published in 2014 in response to growing concerns around reproducibility and information overload. In this paper, we proposed classifying citations as supporting or contrasting to help identify and incentivize reproducible research. From this, the idea has matured to focus on building a new citation index that powers innovative, trustworthy products for anyone engaging with research – from students, seasoned researchers, publishers, and more.

We have come a long way in the last five years – from an idea discussed in a paper to a prototype and now to a product with a sustainable business model. Today, we help over 500,000 researchers worldwide, including dozens of leading Universities and corporations, do better research.

To the publishers we have partnered with, we believe in the strength of remaining publisher-neutral. Together, we – not scite alone – have built the next generation of citations, and there is so much more we can do together. To the Universities that have subscribed to scite, we thank you for your calls and discussions and for making scite a part of the toolsets available to your students and faculty. To the individuals that have paid to use scite out of their pocket, thank you so much. We know what it’s like to be a researcher, and we truly value your support. We are grateful. It’s a privilege to serve all of you.

We wanted to ensure that scite is not simply a scrappy startup working on the periphery of research but a well-resourced organization that can remain publisher-neutral and advance research, whether it is on Peppa Pig, prostate cancer, or particle physics. We see this next step of joining Research Solutions, a team equally dedicated to improving research, as a maturation of the company, idea, and, ultimately, of research. We envision a world where you can ask any question, get a trustworthy answer, understand how the answer came to be, and make better and quicker decisions using the next generation of citations.

We think we’re just getting started, so join us!