Introducing the scite badge

Mon Aug 17 2020

At scite, we’re on a mission to make science more reliable by helping researchers better discover and evaluate scientific research. To date, we have analyzed over 18 million full-text publications from all disciplines, extracting and analyzing over 625M citation statements to create Smart Citations–citations that provide the context of the citation and a classification describing whether it provides supporting or disputing evidence for the cited claim. We’ve made this information easy to use by creating browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox and by building powerful Advanced Search and Reference Check functionality. Today, we’re happy to make this data even easier to utilize by opening our Smart Citation badge to you, the scientists, librarians, publishers, and builders so that you can easily embed Smart Citations on your website.

Check out our badge page here!

If you’re a researcher, you can now embed scite’s Smart Citations on your website easily, and explicitly demonstrate how reliable and impactful your work is. If you’re a publisher or repository manager looking to help readers better evaluate articles you’ve published and in turn promote reproducibility you can now take advantage of the Smart Badge for free, joining the likes of Europe PMC, Biotechniques, International Union of Crystallography, and the Rockefeller University Press journals Journal of Cell Biology, Journal of Experimental Medicine, and Journal of General Physiology. The best part: it’s FREE.

To embed the badge simply include the following on your page where you would like the badge to appear and voila! Let us know in the comments or via social media or email how you plan to use the badge and we’ll work with you to promote it.

For more detail, check out the scite badge page.