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Announcing affiliation dashboards

Tue Jun 29 2021

We are happy to announce a new feature: affiliation dashboards! Affiliation dashboards allow you to see how work from different organizations is being cited. Interested in seeing how work at your university has been cited? Which paper has the most supporting citations and how do organizations compare? Now you can easily find Smart Citation metrics for thousands of different organizations at scite: Search here!

As with our journal dashboards, funding dashboards, and custom dashboards, we show a variety of information from scite related to organizations. Looking at France’s CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) shows us that, to date, 272,887 publications from CNRS that are in scite’s database have received more than 366,000 supporting citation statements and more than 34,000 contrasting statements, and more than 6,800,000 mentioning statements. Only 23 publications affiliated with CNRS have been retracted, and 600 have received corrections or errata.

What is the most supported article from CNRS? The 2004 paper, “The worldwide leaf economics spectrum” has received 464 supporting citation statements (76 of which are classified as self-citations — note that it has 30+ authors) and 83 contrasting citation statements (10 of which are self-citations).

Affiliation dashboards also allow to filter and sort by citation statements or article types. What is the most-cited paper on black holes from researchers affiliated with CNRS? In this case, the most-cited paper is also the most supported: Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger by Abbot et al. 2016.

By clicking on any article in the dashboard, we can explore more deeply how it has been cited by looking at the scite report or a visual map of the citation statements:

Works for any type of institution

Whether it is a government institution, a pharmaceutical company, a research center, a university, or any other type of institution, scite’s affiliation dashboards can help to find highly influential publications from researchers at any affiliate institution; to filter these publications by topic; and to sort by the different ways that they have been cited.

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