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Help & Tutorials

We've organized some videos and guides to help you get the most out of scite. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us at

Video overview of scite

We made some videos explaining how scite works conceptually, and go through various features like Citation Statement Search, Report Pages, Reference Check, and more.

You can see the walkthrough playlist here, or browse all our videos, including webinars, here.


Find expert analyses and opinions on any topic

Using Citation Statement search allows you to search for how anything was mentioned in over 1.2b citation statements from datasets, methods, protocols, assets, and research products to specific results, claims, and arguments. Click here to learn more.


Setting up topic notifications

This guide covers how you stay up to date on a topic by create email alerts to receive notifications when a new publication on a topic is published or a new citation to a publication of interest appears.

literature review

Using scite for literature review and critical analysis

scite can help you discover relevant literature, find research gaps, see how experts critically engage with studies and find criticism and support for the papers you are reading.

evaluate research
Evaluate research with dashboards

In this guide, we'll cover how you can create a dashboard to evaluate supporting and contrasting citations on a custom group of publications. Once you create a dashboard you can set an email alert to receive an email for new citations to publications in your dashboard.

supercharge research
Supercharge your writing using Reference Check

Ensuring your manuscript cites the highest quality references can be a time consuming and difficult task. Read this guide on how to use scite Reference Check to see how much support your references have received, whether any of your references have been retracted, and whether there are any studies that contrast your references.

visualize research

Find supporting and contrasting citations

In this guide, we'll cover what scite reports are and how to use them effectively to evaluate a research publication.