volume 55, issue 4, P375-378 2007
DOI: 10.1002/jctb.280550412
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Abstract: Abstract Intermetallic alloys of the general type Zr50MxN50‐x, where 0 ≦x≧ 50, were prepared by argon arc melting of the constituent elements. M and N are combinations of cobalt, nickel, copper and ruthenium. The alloys were powdered by hydrogen decrepitation, which yielded hydrided species of the general composition Zr50MxN50‐′H150‐x′ in which form they were used as catalysts. The reactions were carried out in a semi‐micro‐tubular flow reactor at 1 barg, 350°C and a H2/CO feed ratio of 3. It was observed tha…

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