Cell Reports volume 3, issue 2, P528-537 2013 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2013.01.026 View full text
Angella Dorsey-Oresto, Tao Lu, Michael Mosel, Xiuhong Wang, Tal Salz, Karl Drlica, Xilin Zhao

Abstract: Stress-mediated programmed cell death (PCD) in bacteria has recently attracted attention, largely because it raises novel possibilities for controlling pathogens. How PCD in bacteria is regulated to avoid population extinction from transient, moderate stress remains a central question. We report that the YihE protein kinase is a key regulator that protects Escherichia coli from antimicrobial and environmental stressors by antagonizing the MazEF toxin-antitoxin module. YihE was linked to a reactive oxygen spec…

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