2020 DOI: 10.20944/preprints202008.0570.v1 View full text Preprint
Md. Rabiul Islam, Ananya Prova, Md. Tanbir Rubayet, Md. Mahidul Islam Masum, Md. Motaher Hossain

Abstract: A new disease causing the tan to light brown blighted stems and pods has occurred in 2.6% pea (Pisum sativum L.) plants with an average disease severity rating of 3.7 in Chapainawabganj district, Bangladesh. A fungus with white appressed mycelia and large sclerotia was consistently isolated from symptomatic tissues. The fungus formed funnel-shaped apothecia with sac-like ascus and endogenously formed ascospores. Healthy pea plants inoculated with the fungus produced typical white mold symptoms. The internal tr…

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