New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education volume 2016, issue 149, P63-72 2016 DOI: 10.1002/ace.20177 View full text
Randee Lipson Lawrence, Dennis Swiftdeer Paige

Abstract: After Tabaldak (Creator) had finished making human beings, he dusted his hands off and some of that dust sprinkled on the earth. From that dust Gluscabi formed himself (Caduto & Bruchac, 1988, p. 21) His head was closed. He could see, hear and sense nothing. Tabaldak, the Creator, made the lightning strike seven times. The first double strike of lightning produced two ears. Thus, Gluscabi could hear on both sides. The second double strike made two eyes; thus, Gluscabi could see far and near with much depth…

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