Journal of Phonetics volume 35, issue 3, P341-352 2007 DOI: 10.1016/j.wocn.2006.10.001 View full text
D.H. Whalen, Andrea G. Levitt, Louis M. Goldstein

Abstract: AbstractDifferent languages use voice onset time (VOT) in different ways to signal the voicing contrast, for example, short lag/long lag (English) vs. prevoiced/short lag (French). Also, VOT depends on place of articulation, with labial VOTs being shorter than velar and alveolar and, sometimes, alveolar being shorter than velar. Here we examine the VOT in babbled utterances of five French-learning and five English-learning infants at ages 9 and 12 months. There was little or no difference between the language…

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