AVM volume 10, issue 1, P85-92 2019 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v10i1.84 View full text
Milica Živkov Baloš, Dragana Ljubojević, Sandra Jakšić, Željko Mihaljev, Miloš Pelić, Tamaš Petrović, Dragan Šefer

Abstract: Vanadium (V) is essential element for poultry nutrition. Relatively low level of V (< 10 μg/kg of feed) is known to reduce both growth in chicks and Haugh unit value of eggs. The National Research Council (NRC) recommends the presence of very low levels of V in poultry diets, with the maximum tolerance level (MTL) being 10 mg/kg. Excessive vanadium in poultry diets has been shown to be detrimental to egg production, interior quality of eggs (albumen height), body weight and feed consumption. There is little…

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