Acta Biotechnol. volume 20, issue 1, P41-52 2000 DOI: 10.1002/abio.370200108 View full text
L. Fan, A. Pandey, R. Mohan, C. R. Soccol

Abstract: Studies were carried out to evaluate the feasibility of using coffee industry residues, viz. coffee husk, coffee leaves and spent coffee ground as substrates in solid state fermentation (SSF) to cultivate edible mushrooms Pleurotus. Eight strains of Pleurotus ostreatus and two strains of Pleurotus sajor-caju were screened on a medium prepared from aqueous extract of coffee husk and agar. Based on best mycelial growth (9.68 m d d a y ) and biomass production (43.4 mg/plate in 9 days at 24 "C), the strain P. os…

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