volume 52, issue 2, P107-115 2019
DOI: 10.2478/cerce-2019-0011
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N. Sarwar, A. Wasaya, S. Saliq, A. Reham, O. Farooq, K. Mubeen, M. Shehzad, M. Usman Zahoor, A. Ghani

Abstract: Abstract Complex nature of nitrogen fertilizer in soil and poor management practices are major causes of low fertilizer use efficiency in Pakistan. These factors further increases nitrogen losses in form of nitrate leaching and volatilization of ammonium, as well as nitric oxide which are burning economic and environmental threats. Keeping in view the demand of urea application in Pakistan and its low efficiency, we hypothized that appropriate urea management with neem formulations or biofertilizers can enhanc…

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