volume 40, issue 3, P209-214 2012
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcms.2011.04.017
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Erik Nout, Natalja Bannink, Maarten J. Koudstaal, Jifke F. Veenland, Koen F.M. Joosten, Rene M.L. Poublon, Karel G.H. van der Wal, Irene M.J. Mathijssen, Eppo B. Wolvius

Abstract: In syndromic craniosynostosis patients, respiratory insufficiency may be a pressing indication to surgically increase the patency of the upper airway by midface or monobloc advancement. In this study the volume changes of the upper airway and the respiratory outcome following midface (Le Fort I or III) or monobloc advancement in ten syndromic craniosynostosis patients are evaluated. Pre- and postoperatively, the airway volume was measured using a semi-automatic region growing method. Respiratory data were corr…

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