DOI: 10.1364/cleo_qels.2019.fm4a.5
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Noah Mendelson, Niko Nikolay, Zai-quan Xu, Toan Trong Tran, Nikola Sadzak, Florian Böhm, Bernd Sontheimer, Oliver Benson, Milos Toth, Igor Aharonovich

Abstract: Quantum emitters in hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) are promising building blocks for the realization of integrated quantum photonic systems. However, their spectral inhomogeneity currently limits their potential applications. Here, we apply tensile strain to quantum emitters embedded in few-layer hBN films and realize both red and blue spectral shifts with tuning magnitudes up to 65 meV, a record for any two-dimensional quantum source. We demonstrate reversible tuning of the emission and related photophysical …

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