volume 36, issue 6, P705-711 2012
DOI: 10.7317/pk.2012.36.6.705
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Abstract: 초록: 본 연구에서는 일반 리포좀의 단점을 보완하기 위하여 인지질(PC)과 계면활성제(TegoAbstract: In this study, the elastic liposome consisted of egg phospholipids and edge activator (Tego ® care 450) was prepared in order to supplement the defect of the conventional liposome. We prepared elastic liposome containing quercetin, known as natural antioxidant, and evaluated the vesicles size, elasticity, loading efficiency, stability, and in vitro skin permeation. The mean diameter of quercetin loaded elastic liposome formulations ranged between 2…

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