Biochemical Pharmacology volume 80, issue 3, P325-334 2010 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2010.04.007 View full text
Tzyh-Chyuan Hour, Yan-Liang Lai, Ching-I Kuan, Chen-Kung Chou, Ju-Ming Wang, Huang-Yao Tu, Huei-Ting Hu, Chang-Shen Lin, Wen-Jeng Wu, Yeong-Shiau Pu, Esta Sterneck, A-Mei Huang

Abstract: Bladder cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer in men (ninth in women) in the United States. Cisplatin is an effective agent against the most common subtype, urothelial carcinoma. However, the development of chemotherapy resistance is a severe clinical problem for the successful treatment of this and other cancers. A better understanding of the cellular and molecular events in response to cisplatin treatment and the development of resistance are critical to improve the therapeutic options for patient…

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