volume 192, issue 4, P1946-1953 2014
DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1301976
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Mohammad N. Uddin, Yubin Zhang, Jonathan A. Harton, Katherine C. MacNamara, Dorina Avram

Abstract: Using several tumor models we demonstrate that mice deficient in Bcl11b in T cells, though having reduced numbers of T cells in the peripheral lymphoid organs, developed significantly less tumors compared to wild type mice. Bcl11b−/− CD4+ T cells, with elevated TNFα levels, but not the Bcl11b−/− CD8+ T cells, were required for the reduced tumor burden, as were NK1.1+ cells, found in increased numbers in Bcl11bF/F/CD4-Cre mice. Among NK1.1+ cells, the NK cell population was predominant in number and was the on…

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