Biochemical Pharmacology volume 81, issue 1, P123-133 2011 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2010.09.003 View full text
Teshome Nedi, Paul J. White, Ian M. Coupar, Helen R. Irving

Abstract: Desensitization of 5-HT(4) receptors is regulated by G-protein coupled receptor kinases (GRKs). However, the specific GRK(s) that regulates the desensitization of 5-HT(4) receptors in the in vivo setting is unknown. We investigated the in situ expression of 5-HT(4) receptors and the GRKs in the rat gastrointestinal tract using immunohistochemistry and their interaction using coimmunoprecipitation. 5-HT(4) receptors were expressed in the tunica muscularis mucosae of the oesophagus, longitudinal muscle, myenteri…

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