volume 32, issue 17, P1228-1235 1992
DOI: 10.1002/pen.760321708
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Abstract: Abstract Isotactic poly(vinyl cyclohexane) (PVCH) was studied by thermal analysis. The deduced equilibrium melting point, T italicm°, is 405°C (678 K). The heat of fusion, Δ H ƒ° was found to be 50.82 J/g (5.60 kJ/mol) and Δ Cp at Tg, is 0.273 J/(gK) [30.1 J/(molK)]. The glass transition temperature, Tg, of the amorphous PVCH is 80°C (353 K). In semicrystalline samples, Tg increases up to 165°C (438 K) for crystallinities > 40%. Beside crystalline and flexible amorphous, a rigid amorphous phase is postulated i…

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