Proc. IAU volume 13, issue S336, P235-238 2017 DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317010535 View full text
James M. Moran, Qizhou Zhang, Deanna L. Emery

Abstract: The Submillimeter Array (SMA) has been used to image the emission from radio recombination lines of hydrogen at subarcsecond angular resolution from the young high-mass star MWC349A in the H26α, H30α, and H31α transitions at 353, 232, and 211 GHz, respectively. Emission was seen over a range of 80 km s −1 in velocity and 50 mas (corresponding to 60 AU for a distance of 1200 pc). The emission at each frequency has two distinct components, one from gas in a nearly edge-on annular disk structure in Keplerian mot…

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