MRS Proc. 2000 DOI: 10.1557/proc-610-b5.2 View full text
E. Napolitani, A. Carnera, V. Privitera, E. Schroer, G. Mannino, F. Priolo, S. Moffatt

Abstract: AbstractThe transient enhanced diffusion (TED) during activation annealing of ultra low energy implanted boron (0.5 keV & 1 keV, 1×1013/cm2 & 1×1014/cm2) in silicon is investigated in detail. Annealing in the temperature range from 450°C to 750°C is either performed directly after implantation or after the removal of a surface layer before annealing. The kinetics revealed two regimes of enhanced diffusion ruled by different decay constants and different activation energies. The dependence of these two …

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