Biochemical Pharmacology volume 80, issue 1, P104-112 2010 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2010.03.014 View full text
M. Willenborg, H. Ghaly, K. Hatlapatka, K. Urban, U. Panten, I. Rustenbeck

Abstract: The K(+) channel blocker, TEA is known to increase action potential amplitude and insulin secretion of mouse beta-cells when added to a nutrient secretagogue. In the presence of a maximally effective sulfonylurea concentration (2.7 microM glipizide) the nutrient secretagogue alpha-ketoisocaproic acid (KIC, 10mM) strongly increased insulin secretion (about elevenfold). Instead of enhancing the effect of KIC, TEA reduced the KIC-induced secretion by more than 50%. Also, the secretion rate produced by 2.7 microM …

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