volume 9, issue 3, P63-66 1969
DOI: 10.1016/s0001-2092(08)70798-1
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Abstract: To improve techniques in surgei J . \ d l iouh modalities have come 10 the aicl of 11ie scalpel. High-frequency electrosurgerq ticis herti utilized foi many years and no\\ ( t q o s u tgery, ultra-sonics, the laser and the plasm,i torch are working revolutionar~ c hatice-011 surgical technique. At present, thv 1,iser i s drnost a routine proceduie in certain t y p v s of eye surgery war] anled hy such ( o r i ( l i l i o i i i as retinal detachment, proliferatil c clial)etit trtinopathy, cential serous macul'…

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