volume 149, issue 1, P73-76 2008
DOI: 10.1016/j.mseb.2007.11.002
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Abstract: The structure-property relationship of devitrified Pr 9 Fe 81.5 Ti 2.5 B 7 (low-B) and Pr 9 Fe 73.5 Ti 2.5 B 15 (high-B) nanocomposite ribbons with high coercivity has been investigated. The introduction of excessive B leads to an obvious increase of the amount of TiB 2 nonmagnetic phases. TEM observation shows that TiB 2 is mainly distributed in the Pr 2 Fe 14 B hard magnetic phase, which strongly hinders the domain wall movement and keeps a strong intergrain exchange coupling action among the magnetic phase…

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