volume 66, issue 5, P3118-3124 1992
DOI: 10.1128/jvi.66.5.3118-3124.1992
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D G Brownstein, A L Smith, E A Johnson, D J Pintel, L K Naeger, P Tattersall

Abstract: Neonatal C3EH/He mice were oronasally inoculated with similar doses of four genotypes of minute virus of mice (MVM). MVMp, a fibroblast-specific variant, caused an asymptomatic infection. MVM(1035), a chimera which had the allotropic determinant of virulent MVMi inserted onto an MVMp background, caused a lethal infection and renal papillary infarcts, the hallmark of MVMi infection. MVMi(NS2-1990), the virulent lymphocyte-specific variant mutated to eliminate NS2 synthesis, was infectious but caused an asymptom…

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