volume 13, issue S335, P335-339 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921318000029
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Roberta Forte, Stuart M. Jefferies, Francesco Berrilli, Dario Del Moro, Bernhard Fleck, Luca Giovannelli, Neil Murphy, Ermanno Pietropaolo, Wayne Rodgers

Abstract: AbstractThe calibration pipeline of the level zero images obtained from the Magneto-Optical filters at Two Heights (MOTH II) instrument is presented. MOTH II consists of two 20 cm aperture instruments, each using a Magneto-Optical Filter (MOF): one at 5896 Å (Na D2-line), the other one at 7700 Å (K I-line). MOTH II instruments thus provide full disk line-of-sight Doppler velocity and magnetic field measurements at two heights in the solar atmosphere. The developed MOTH II pipeline employs a set of standard cal…

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