Biochemical Pharmacology volume 77, issue 9, P1466-1479 2009 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2009.01.021 View full text
Jitka Poljaková, Tomáš Eckschlager, Jan Hraběta, Jana Hřebačková, Svatopluk Smutný, Eva Frei, Václav Martínek, René Kizek, Marie Stiborová

Abstract: AbstractEllipticine is an antineoplastic agent, whose mode of action is based mainly on DNA intercalation, inhibition of topoisomerase II and formation of covalent DNA adducts mediated by cytochromes P450 and peroxidases. Here, the molecular mechanism of DNA-mediated ellipticine action in human neuroblastoma IMR-32, UKF-NB-3 and UKF-NB-4 cancer cell lines was investigated. Treatment of neuroblastoma cells with ellipticine resulted in apoptosis induction, which was verified by the appearance of DNA fragmentati…

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