Infectious Disease Clinics of North America volume 19, issue 3, P667-689 2005 DOI: 10.1016/j.idc.2005.05.010 View full text
Tuomas Jartti, Mika J. Mäkelä, Timo Vanto, Olli Ruuskanen

Abstract: Bronchiolitis and asthma are common wheezing illnesses of childhood. Respiratory syncytial virus is the main causative agent of Bronchiolitis. Rhinovirus is the most common trigger of exacerbations of asthma, but also has been detected increasingly in doing children with Bronchiolitis. Reportedly, childhood asthma develops in 40% of children with a history of Bronchiolitis. No convincing link has been reported between Bronchiolitis and development of atopy, although atopy generally is regarded as the main risk…

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