Cell Reports volume 3, issue 6, P2033-2045 2013 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2013.05.026 View full text
Alessia Balestrini, Dejan Ristic, Isabelle Dionne, Xiao Z. Liu, Claire Wyman, Raymund J. Wellinger, John H.J. Petrini

Abstract: SUMMARY Single-ended double-strand breaks (DSBs) are a common form of spontaneous DNA break, generated when the replisome encounters a discontinuity in the DNA template. Given their prevalence, understanding the mechanisms governing the fate(s) of single-ended DSBs is important. We describe the influence of the Ku heterodimer and Mre11 nuclease activity on processing of single-ended DSBs. Separation-of-function alleles of yku70 were derived that phenocopy Ku deficiency with respect to single-ended DSBs but re…

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