volume 9, issue 9, P1957-1970 2017
DOI: 10.18632/aging.101282
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Jose F. Moruno-Manchon, Edward C. Koellhoffer, Jayakrishnan Gopakumar, Shashank Hambarde, Nayun Kim, Louise D. McCullough, Andrey S. Tsvetkov

Abstract: The G-quadruplex is a non-canonical DNA secondary structure formed by four DNA strands containing multiple runs of guanines. G-quadruplexes play important roles in DNA recombination, replication, telomere maintenance, and regulation of transcription. Small molecules that stabilize the G-quadruplexes alter gene expression in cancer cells. Here, we hypothesized that the G-quadruplexes regulate transcription in neurons. We discovered that pyridostatin, a small molecule that specifically stabilizes G-quadruplex DN…

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