volume 13, issue S336, P395-396 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317008948
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J. Nakashima, D. Engels, C.-H. Hsia, H. Imai, D. A. Ladeyschikov, A. M. Sobolev, B. H. K. Yung, Y. Zhang

Abstract: AbstractWe introduce the newly developed database of circumstellar maser sources. Until now, the compilations comprehensively including the three major maser species in evolved stars (i.e., SiO, H2O, OH) has been practically limited only to the Benson’s catalog (Benson et al. 1990), which was published more than a quarter of a century ago. For OH masers alone, there exists the University of Hamburg (UH) database, but there is no updated compilation work for H2O and SiO masers. In order to utilize the informati…

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