volume 49, issue 4, P4.22-4.25 2008
DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-4004.2008.49422.x
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Chris Evans

Abstract: of some of the science the UK community is proposing for the E-ELT, there were four contributed science talks at the RAS meeting, spanning observations of galactic star clusters right out to the most distant, "first-light" galaxies. Iye M et al.2006Nature443186. Kawai N et al.2006Nature 440184. Law D R et al.2007ApJ 669929. McLure R J et al. 2008MNRAS arXiv:0805.1335. Thatte N et al.2007MNRAS 3781229. Trancho G et al.2007ApJ 664284. 4: The Rayleigh laser guide star on the William Herschel Telescope. This is u…

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