AVM volume 13, issue 2, P43-58 2020 DOI: 10.46784/eavm.v13i2.244 View full text
Milica Živkov Baloš, Slobodan Knežević, Marko Pajić, Nenad Popov, Sandra Jakšić, Suzana Vidaković Knežević, Željko Mihaljev, Dejan Bugarski

Abstract: The experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of alternative bedding materials on broiler production performances and litter quality in plant production. A 40-day experiment was carried out on 6885 broilers of ROSS 308 provenience. The broilers were reared on bedding material which consisted of cellulose pellets, wood chips, peat moss, and pH stabilizers. Feeding, zoohygienic and zootechnical measures met technological normative for this provenience. During the experiment, health status and mortality of …

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