DOI: 10.17265/2159-5828/2017.03.004
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Eleni Wogiatzi-Kamwoukou, Nickolaos Gougoulias, Zoi Papadouli, Baia Theodosiou, Kyriakos D Giannoulis

Abstract: Abstract:The effect of three different N-fertilization levels (N1: 625, N2: 385 and N3: 770 kg ha -1 ; where in case of N1 was used the 3-6-10+3MgO+30% OM and in cases of N2-N3 the 26-0-0 fertilizers) on fresh and dry weight of the perennial Rosmarinus officinalis (upright cultivar) was investigated during the 2nd year after establishment at the Experimental Farm of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly in Greece (TEI; Larissa plain) in 2015. It is well documented that the crop reaches its poten…

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