MRS Proc. 1996 DOI: 10.1557/proc-461-141 View full text
G. Kim, M. Libera, R. Potluri, C. G. Gogos

Abstract: ABSTRACTThis paper presents the results of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) studies on the distribution of polystyrene/polyisoprene/polystyrene (SIS) triblock copolymer compatibilizer in polystyrene-polyethylene homopolymer blends. The principal independent variable studied is the major-phase rheological properties (PSmajor/PEminor and PEmajor/PSmimor blends). The polyisoprene block was preferentially stained by OSO4 and could be clearly identified in cryo-ultramicrotomed TEM sections. The microstructura…

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