DOI: 10.1002/chin.200740007
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Yu. Verbovytsky, K. Latka, A. W. Pacyna

Abstract: Structure D 2000The Crystal Structure of the New Gd5CoSb2, Gd5NiSb2 and Gd5Au2Sb Ternary Phases. -The crystal structures of the new ternary title phases are determined by powder XRD. The Co-and Ni-containing compounds crystallize in the space group Pnma (Ho5NiSb2-type structure) with Z = 4. Gd5Au2Sb crystallizes in the space group I4/mcm (Mo5B2Si-type structure) with Z = 4. The Au coordination polyhedron is a deformed trigonal prism with three additional atoms. Sb atoms are surrounded by a bicapped square tet…

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