Journal of Cell Biology volume 218, issue 3, P949-960 2019 DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201712120 View full text
Munechika Sugihara, Daisuke Morito, Shiori Ainuki, Yoshinobu Hirano, Kazutoyo Ogino, Akira Kitamura, Hiromi Hirata, Kazuhiro Nagata

Abstract: Mysterin, also known as RNF213, is an intracellular protein that forms large toroidal oligomers. Mysterin was originally identified in genetic studies of moyamoya disease (MMD), a rare cerebrovascular disorder of unknown etiology. While mysterin is known to exert ubiquitin ligase and putative mechanical ATPase activities with a RING finger domain and two adjacent AAA+ modules, its biological role is poorly understood. Here, we report that mysterin is targeted to lipid droplets (LDs), ubiquitous organelles spec…

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