Journal of the American Statistical Association volume 77, issue 379, P660-665 1982 DOI: 10.1080/01621459.1982.10477869 View full text
S. N. Ethier

Abstract: We are f o r w d to (icc,opt ( i s [ ( i n ] cilt~i'tiatii~~ t h t thc random spinning of' [i roirlrttr m( litid daily wadjiis t t d \ z i t h ext rli orditi ty 1'0 I'P is ti ot 0 h etlic ti t t o th c laws uf c h r i n w . hiit is chaotic in its t?irin~~J.statioti.~! (Karl Pearson 1894)Given integers k 2 k,, 2 2, a test of fixed sample size and a sequential test are constructed for the purpose of testing the null hypothesis that maxi. ,-A pi I l/kt1 against the alternative that max I I p , > …

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