volume 15, issue 1, P1-14 2013
DOI: 10.3755/jcrs.15.1
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深見 裕伸, 磯村 尚子, 岩尾 研二 et al.

Abstract: AbstractThe family Acroporidae (Scleractinia) formerly contained four genera such as Acropora, Anacropora, Astreopora, and Montipora (for examples, Veron and Wallace 1984; Nishihira and Veron 1995; Veron 2000). Recently, Wallace et al. (2007) has elevated the subgenus Isopora, which was one of two subgenera in the genus Acropora, to genus, based on the morphological, ecological and molecular data. Then number of genera in the Acroporidae becomes five. Nevertheless, in Japan, this fact is not generally known a…

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