DOI: 10.25136/2409-8698.2020.11.34171
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Abusup'yan Tatarkhanovich Akamov, Agaragim Magomedovich Sultanmuradov, Aigul' Muratovna Bekeeva, Inna Khumkerkhanovna Alkhlavova

Abstract: The subject of this research is the Quranic narratives on the prophets in the books by A. Akayev, Shihammat-kadi from Erpeli, and Magomed Kazanbiev. In their works, tales on the prophets are interpreted and embellished with the corresponding Quranic ayats and hadiths. An attempts is made to determine cognitive function of the tales that would combine artistic virtues with folk elements, as well as frame a philosophical worldview. The worldview function of these tales is defined as humane by the spirit and lo…

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