volume 18, issue 2, P89-92 1992
DOI: 10.1007/bf01705038
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Abstract: The effects of hypocapnic alkalosis on the vasodilating action of nicardipine were studied in 6 patients after cerebral arterial aneurysm surgery. Each patient served as his/her own control during the 6 steps of the study. T0: baseline; T1: hypocapnic alkalosis alone (PaCO2: 3.5 kPa); T2: hypocapnic alkalosis and bolus injection of nicardipine (30 micrograms.kg-1 i.v.); T3: hypocapnic alkalosis and continuous 60 min infusion of nicardipine (0.5 microgram.kg-1.min-1), T4: determination of the infusion rate requ…

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