Eur J Chem volume 10, issue 2, P125-130 2019 DOI: 10.5155/eurjchem.10.2.125-130.1849
Prafullya Kumar Mudi, Chanchal Kumar Pal, Bhaskar Biswas

A one dimensional (1D) lead(II) coordination polymer, [Pb(Phen)(NO3)(OAC)(H2O)]n (1) (Phen = 1,10-Phenanthroline; OAc = Acetate) was isolated in crystalline phase and characterized through different analytical techniques. Single crystal X-ray structural analysis of compound 1 revealed that the Pb(II) polymer crystallized in a monoclinic system with P21/c space group. Pb2+ ion adopted a highly distorted octahedral geometry having O3 (water) and O5 (nitrate) at axial positions (∠O3-Pb1-O5 of 145.02°) and acetate oxygen (O4), phenanthroine nitrogens (N3, N4) and oxygen (O2) atom from bridging nitrate made a distorted square plane. This Pb(II) polymer exhibited good fluorescence property in solid state. The steric arrangement of distorted square plane around Pb(II) ion by Phen, acetate and bridging nitrate ion makes a huge gap around Pb(II) ion where a stereo-active lone pair of electrons may possibly be occupied. 


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