DOI: 10.1002/chin.200741016
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Joerg Sindlinger, Jochen Glaser, Helga Bettentrup et al.

Abstract: Yttrium I 2600 Synthesis of Y2O2(CN2) and Luminescence Properties of Y2O2(CN2):Eu. -The title compound is prepared by solid state reaction of different mixtures of YCl 3 and/ or YOCl and/or Y2O3 and Li2(CN2) at 620-650°C. These reactions yield trigonal Y2O2(CN2) (space group R3m1, Z = 1; powder XRD), while hexagonal Y2O2(CN2) (P63/mmc, Z = 2) is obtained from the reaction of a YCl3/Y2O3 mixture with KOCN. The structure of the trigonal modification is closely related to that of Y2O2S, where linear N-C-N units …

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