MRS Proc. 1998 DOI: 10.1557/proc-551-91 View full text
K.S. Weil, P.N. Kumta, J. D. Harris, A. F. Hepp

Abstract: AbstractThin film LiCoO2 anodes and SnO2 cathodes on the order of 1-10 µtm thick have been synthesized using a spray decomposition technique, employing a lithium-nickel nitrate/methanol solution and tin ethylhexanoate/methanol solution, respectively. Preliminary electrochemical test results on the films indicate that the LiCoO2 anodes in general display a relatively high open circuit voltage (OCV) of ∼4.10-4.25V, good specific capacity on the order of 120 mAh/g, and acceptable cycle-ability, with a 16-25% deca…

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