volume 30, issue 4, P1065-1072 1993
DOI: 10.1002/jhet.5570300439
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Abstract: Abstract Several thieno[2,3‐d]pyrimidines have been prepared by intramolecular cyclisation of 6‐(substituted methylthio)‐5‐pyrimidinecarbaldehyde and carbonitrile intermediates derived from 6‐chloropyrimidine‐5‐carbaldehydes and 5‐carbonitriles and methyl thioglycolate or 5‐formylpyrimidine‐4‐(3H)‐thiones and appropriate α‐halogeno compounds. Thienopyrimidines 18 and 5c were nitrated to the corresponding nitro compounds 23 and 24. Hydrolysis at position 4 of compound 18 also occurred during nitration. The est…

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