volume 55, issue 4, P1055-1058 1990
DOI: 10.1135/cccc19901055
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Abstract: 3,5-Dimethyl-4-nitro-1-phenylpyrazole (I) on treatment with chalcones II under phase transfer conditions gives the Michael adducts, 3-methyl-4-nitro-1-phenyl-5-(2-aryl-4-phenyl-4-oxo-1-butyl)pyrazoles (III). The Michale adducts on cycloreduction with stannous chloride-hydrochloric acid furnish 3-methyl-1,5-diphenyl-7-aryl-7,8-dihydro-6H-pyrazolo[4,5-b]azepines (IV). IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR and mass spectra support the structures of III and IV.