volume 12, issue 1, P56-59 2021
DOI: 10.5155/eurjchem.12.1.56-59.2070
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Mohammed Bahreldin Hussein, Muna Mahdi Mohammed, Abdalla Gobara, Asha Fadllallah Wady, Awad Salim Ibrahim Holy

Abstract: Schiff bases are versatile ligands, synthesized via condensation of primary amines with carbonyl compounds. In this study, equimolar amounts of 4-imidazolecarboxaldehyde and thiosemicarbazide were combined and the Schiff base 4-imidazolecarboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazone was prepared as a new bidentate complexing agent. The synthesized ligand was reacted with palladium (II) and platinum (II) ions yielding air-stable complexes. For characterization purpose, infrared spectra, mass spectra, electronic spectra, ther…

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