volume 39, issue 16, P3506-3514 2000
DOI: 10.1021/ic991147y
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Daniel A. Durfey, Rein U. Kirss, Christoph Frommen, William Feighery

Abstract: The electrochemical potentials of Fc3-xPPhx, (1-3, x = 0-2) and (FcPPh)n (4) indicate that iodine should oxidize ferrocenyl(phenyl)phosphines. The molar conductivity of solutions of 1-3 increases sharply when the solutions are titrated with iodine, leveling off after the addition of > 2 equiv of oxidant, consistent with formation of 1:1 electrolytes. Diamagnetic salts 6-9 are observed upon addition of a benzene solution of iodine to a benzene solution of 1-4 at ambient temperature in ratios of I2/metallocene r…

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