volume 37, issue 13, P2177-2187 2018
DOI: 10.1021/acs.organomet.8b00306
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Abstract: The synthesis and characterization of a series of platinum and palladium complexes containing a secondary borane Z-class ligand supported by 2-mercaptopyridine heterocycles is reported herein. Addition of two equivalents of Na[H2B(mp)2] to [Pt(μ-Cl)(COE OMe)]2 (where COE OMe = 8methoxycyclooct-4-en-1-ide) in the presence of two equivalents of a tertiary phosphine {PR3 = PPh3, PCy3, PCyp3, P(o-tol)3, PPh2(o-tol) and PPh2(2-(3-methyl)indolyl)} leads to the formation of the complexes [Pt{κ 3-S,B,S-HB(mp)2}(PR3)] …

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