volume 31, issue 20, P2101237 2021
DOI: 10.1002/adfm.202101237
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Wei Li, Yongsong Ma, Peng Li, Xiaoyun Jing, Kai Jiang, Dihua Wang

Abstract: Developing high‐capacity conversional cathode materials for aqueous Zn batteries is promising to improve their energy densities but challenging as well. In this work, three kinds of selenium–sulfur solid solutions and their composites (denoted as SeS14 @ 3D‐NPCF, SeS5.76 @ 3D‐NPCF, and SeS2.46 @ 3D‐NPCF) are proposed and systematically investigated. Due to the introduction of Se and its synergistic effect with S, their physical and electrochemical properties are manipulated; in particular, by optimizing the Se…

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